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Songwriting - by Jane

"I have written songs for as long as I can remember. A mixed series of events in my thirties led to me meeting Phil and spending the rest of my life dedicated to music development in various ways. You can hear lots of bits songs I have worked on at www.laneandlanesongwriters.com, and also if you look up Hookstick or Fluance on Spotify.

I played by ear long before I learned to read music, but  I like moving in both worlds. Some of my favourite genres are soul music, psychedelic pop and rock, R and B, disco, reggae, straight pop, funny punk tracks that don’t take themselves too seriously, I could go on…

I do like the words to have various meanings and to reflect simultaneously serious things and the absurd.

I can write very quickly but can also evolve a track through many transformations until it reaches its final goal, removing and reharmonising along the way – ripping out sections, I am no respecter of sticking to the original idea!

If I write a song for you, I will work very hard to achieve the aims you have and keep within the genres and styles you are aiming for.

As with my composition and soundtrack writing, I can work for a fixed fee, at an hourly rate (£30), and , occasionally, just on a royalty basis, depending on how well promoted the track is.

I also enjoy collaborating, adding in lyrics, re-harmonising to fit a style, and adjusting melodies in conjunction with other musicians for a split fee."